Here goes….


So, I’ve had several friends and family members suggest to me that I try my hand at this blogging thing.  I tend to be quite a private person.  I enjoy getting out and living my life rather than discussing and documenting myself living my life.  I am one of those types of folks who usually is traveling west when everyone else is traveling east.  Nonetheless, I want to learn, grow, share and experience life this way as well.  You know, try something new! Be daring! Mix it up a bit haha.

To tell y’all a little bit about myself, I’m an Alabama transplant in the deep, southern part of the Lone Star State.  I’m a 14-year marriage veteran and a mother of four….yes FOUR kiddoes.  *Sidebar* Idk HOW this even happened (actually, I do, but you know…I’m still a little bit in shock) and I think we are done because if we have literally one more we will officially be outmanned and outgunned!  C’mon, ya gotta know your limits in life right? *end sidebar*

I homeschool all of my chirren.  Yikes!  I help run my family’s business, I dabble in Pinterest DIY-ing, I’m a self-educated Master Gardener in training, former tennis phenom/Venus Williams wannabe, the chauffeur of littles, connoisseur of delectable foods, self-proclaimed travel critic, and so much more!

I hope you’ll come back and visit as often as you’d like.  I plan to share all the things I’ve had the pleasure of learning, places I’ve been, things I’ve enjoyed, things I didn’t enjoy, hard lessons, Love, blunders, things that have made my life easier, and pieces of me!

~ m.m.~


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