It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Hooorrrraaayyyy!!!!  It’s back to homeschool time!  The air is tinged with anticipation…the smell of glue sticks and freshly opened paper!  Crayons, colored pencils, and erasers…oh my!  And the books….ohhhh the books!!! Be still my heart!

As we go through the year, I will try to share things we are doing, successes and failures, things that worked, things that didn’t, places we go, people we meet, etc etc.  This is our 5th year homeschooling and I am happy to help or share in any way I can, if it helps just one person!


Our school starts in two weeks so as you guys can imagine, I am spending every bit of extra energy nesting, cleaning, organizing, ordering curriculum (I have a problem), hoarding supplies (Seriously, I have a problem), creating schedules, printouts and spreadsheets, and so much more.  This year, I am implementing a new schedule in an effort to have greater productivity and streamline our lives.  Things got pretty hectic the past couple of years and we found ourselves homeschooling late into the evenings or running out of hours in the day so we will be rising with the chickens this year in an attempt to make the most of each day.  Y’all…..seriously….pray. for. me.  I am NOT an early bird.  It will be coffee and God’s grace carrying me through each day!

Family schedule


So….THIS is the schedule we hope and pray will assist us in our journey towards homeschooling success!  I know schedules are hard to keep because life is constantly changing and throwing curveballs, but I hope this can at least be a guideline for us.  I don’t like being overly rigid, but I do want us to become more consistent in the things that matter and give ourselves balance and grace when we need it.  I also find that my kids are a lot easier to manage when they know what to expect.  They like a certain amount of routine and predictability in their day.  What are your thoughts about schedules in homeschooling?  Do you implement them or are you free spirited in your approach?  I’d love to hear from you!



4 thoughts on “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

  1. I think that this is a great schedule. Dont get frustrated, we GOT THIS! We are going to start strong this year and finish strong and successful. You never really get used to waking up that early, but once up, your body will go straight into action.


  2. It’s always such a relief to hear from other homeschool moms. This schedule looks promising. I’m confident that you meet your goals and have a successful year. I’m working on a better schedule this year as well in efforts to be more productive.


    1. That’s awesome! I hope that your schedule and goals are met and are successful as well!! We have to keep one another encouraged. This is NO small feat that we are attempting to undertake. Here’s to a great year 🙂


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